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Updated: Aug 4, 2020

For different reasons these 2 signs are often moving outside of social groups, even though they are both social. We hear about the optimism and fun loving nature of Sagittarius, and Aquarius is known to associated with friendship and groups, but surprisingly there is a big push for freedom and independence at the core of both of these signs.

Sagittarius is ruled by the expansive planet JUPITER, those who carry heavy Sagittarius in the chart are wanting to learn and grow, pulled by curiosity and desire for truth they continue to move, often connecting to communities along the way with a bold spirit, yet never fully planting roots. On the one hand, while Sag would like to roam, their own desires for growth can lead to a feeling of never fully belonging. The attachment to experience and discovering the truth personally also leads to the shadow side of the “Sagittarian Righteousness.” This can lead to the feeling of outcast.

Ruled by SATURN, Aquarius comes with a sense of constriction, not typically what we think about for an air sign. Energetically dense, I picture Aquarius like a projectile that is shot into space, looking down at the world from a fixed point. Energetically it is different from Sagittarius, yet they end up meeting together and fully relating to the love of the big picture and exchanging ideas about what it all means.

Aquarius, an air sign needs space to think, to watch, to understand, Sagittarius is using this same space to grow, to learn and to judge -- both signs vast. They both traverse energy that cannot be fully contained. I argue that these two archetype overlap in territory, interacting differently : Sagittarius is consuming experience while Aquarius absorbs and reflects at lightning speed. Both are on a journey.

Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire Sign and Aquarius a Fixed Air Sign. Both are action oriented signs with a love for ideas and exchange, they create a sextile aspect that can inspire and bring mutual admiration. The friendship dynamic is tolerant and forgiving because both accept and understand the others need for space, to push away from one another. At the same time both can struggle with the feeling of being abandoned, at which point the need for space becomes a trigger.

To love freedom, and seek experience as each of these archetype do, there are times where their pursuits leave them far away from the mainstream or crowd. This position of being outside "group think" or the "flow of the masses" gives each their own brand of originality and authenticity. Learning and travelling outward can create a separation and isolation, as much as it can open the doors to possibility and new things.

The Sagitarrian love of learning brings it into the position of becoming the teacher for others, with the Aquarian fixed intellectual or philosophical pursuits creates interaction rich with exchange. The fire in Sagittarius can create a louder presence, whereas the Aquarius person's need to speak varies, often falling into the role of listener, until accumulation causes the breakthrough release. Together the two are excellent at generating breakthroughs and original research. Each is bold and confident with their observation and perspectives. They also make great travel partners.

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