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When you book a reading or service, please send me your Birth Day, Year, Location and as close to the exact moment of birth. The Natal Chart is a tool which functions with precision. If you are looking for a Natal Chart Reading, or any specific topic or areas that you want me to examine, let me know so that I can provide you with the best.

Discounts offered to students or experiencing hardships, send email directly.

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Starry Night

Other Services

Group Astrology Events - Custom to fit your event

Group Astrology events or classes for team building at work, entertainment at parties or events. I travel and offer custom Zoom classes. Contact Forest for more information .

Personal Podcast 

Do you have a quick question? Curious about astrology? Do you like the sound of my voice? Send me an email, tell me what's on your mind and I will send you a personal recorded reply based on what I am seeing in the astro-weather for you. 15-25min recording, fill out the contact form and let me know what's up. At this time I am able to respond within 24 hours.


18 x 24 inches Ink on Paper hand drawn master pieces. Unforgettable artworks to cherish and enjoy. Excellent birthday gifs. Inquire via the contact form.

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