When you book a reading or service, please send me your Birth Day, Year, Location and as close to the exact moment of birth. The Natal Chart is a tool which functions with precision. If you are looking for a Natal Chart Reading, or any specific topic or areas that you want me to examine, let me know so that I can provide you with the best.

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Other Services

Advice Seeking Quickie Question -  $20

Select a 10 minute recording or 1 page email response to a question you have.

Personal Podcast - $50

A 40 minute recording all about you in regards to any question you send me. Or a brief Natal Chart Overview if you are new to astrology. This reading scratches the surface and will open some doors for further exploration into astrology and what it is about, or will help to gain a sense of what might be affecting you via transit in the moment.

Group Astrology Events - Flat Rate $100 per hour

Group Astrology events or classes for team building at work, entertainment at parties or events. I travel and offer custom Zoom classes. Contact Forest for more information .

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