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What is TRUTH? The Gemini and Sagittarius Question

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Look at these 2 twins...

"FAKE NEWS!!" Started out annoying to hear, but now it's gotten real, where everything is fake. It's a mental pickle that FORCES each of us to get right with what we know is our TRUTH. We are going back to the Gemini Basics, releasing all the connections made through Sagittarius so we can rebuild out pathways to understanding.

The Nodes are focused May 5, 2020 through Jan 17, 2022. The Sagittarius and Gemini Axis has been busy as it relates to INFORMATION overload. We are in the MIRE of this instant new digital age.

Imagine - if you were to witness something unbelievable in the past, pre-fancy phones: you'd have to run inside and grab a heavy camcorder, and hope it had charged batteries and turn it on slowly to film any news happening in their area, that was if you owned such a thing.

Life was not as constantly witnessed in our past. Everything was fleeting and we listened to stories which had different requirements for evidence of what was real and fake. Now we are all armed with the ultimate tools for recording and internet research and we are foiled constantly.

I think I shared an article once about a Miner who was trapped underground for a 5 years with friends who quickly told me -- that is fiction, it's already circulated and is total fiction. I am a FOOL!! But at this point we have all been fools somewhere in this strange flooding of poorly researched opinion pieces masked as healthy information, while other highly researched papers being brushed away as too biased because academics wrote it.

Sagittarius is the sign of KNOWING and this sense of seeing ahead on our trajectory, the feeling of faith in what we know is being challenged through the Nodal journey. This is where the South Node is asking us to think again, like children. Our sense of FAITH is being tested and questioned, and there is nothing more SPIRITUAL you can do than let go of everything you think you know and begin again with a sense of curiosity, what the Buddhists refer to as Beginner's Mind. The clean slate is the naturally open and considerate state of Gemini Mentality. This sign gives the gift of talking to anyone about anything, taking a moment to consider what the other perspective could mean. Gemini understands paradox and multiple truths, which highlights the polarity between Gemini and Sagittarius - as Sagittarius brings it together onto one path of seeking. The 2 signs will always lead to the other, and at this juncture we are having the North Node focus and build our Gemini side, this data collecting curiosity, while we let go of the idea of one Truth for ever and ever, we can rebuild this. We won't become stagnant -- not when our world is fusing together so quickly through technology.

With the Nodes doing their work and the eclipses currently in Gemini and Sagittarius, we are learning to collect and analyze our own data. To see more than one possibility and to LISTEN. Listening is a theme of the times right now.

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