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Updated: Jun 25, 2020

On June 17 Mercury goes retrograde and joins 4 other planets already in Retrograde. It's a party! With Venus in Gemini, Saturn in Aquarius moving into Capricorn, and Jupiter with Pluto already in Capricorn, all moonwalking with Mercury. June 22 brings Neptune retrograde... but what does it mean?!

When Planets are retrograde they are actually closer to the earth spatially and create an illusion of moving backwards in our sky. When objects are CLOSE you can feel them, but it takes a moment to focus your eyes -- in this case now, we are focusing our hearts and minds until the end of the year. We are ushering in some kind of NEW WORLD at the moment and this retrograde period is giving us our last good byes, could it be the viewing of the casket of some kind of life we used to know?

We are feeling many planetary energies at once, and it will be overwhelming initially to know what to do or think with all that is happening. The "trick" is we already know, and all that is happening is we are being asked to remember. Does that make sense? Does anything make sense? Because with the retrograde it's ok to sit it out. It can be a time where your own focus goes inward, where you are readjusting to everything that you have been thrust into:

It's a new world with masks and violence that isn't hidden anymore. It's a world with a fragile government, fragile economy, frustrated citizens and less hugs. We need this "pause" in the nurturing sign of Cancer, to feel the changes around us, but to remember the love within us.

We need a game plan, because you know what we did? We've been playing a game that is so intense -- but with all the retrogrades at once, it's like : We have to go back and read the directions again, see if we missed something in there that could help us through, help us win. Maybe that was Mars in Aries talking there -- and that is coming soon, with it's own very long retrograde.

At times like these the Spiritual Masters recommend : Meditate. Don't do anything. Go into the tornado shelter as the storm passes around you. This is what the elders do. It's a good strategy actually, but others might be born to deconstruct and they exist so that others can build it up again. You know who you are, and you know what your role is, the retrograde period will remind you of your purpose. It sends you back : Neptune in Pisces to connect you with your ideals, Mercury in Cancer to make sure your heart is in the right place, Venus in Gemini to make sure this matches your values, Jupiter to make sure it aligns with your ethics, Saturn from Aquarius to Capricorn to see what can be and what is, and Pluto just really really wants to FORGE this new path -- that is far beyond your control and is beyond you.

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