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Holding Hands in the Sunshine
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 Purpose / Death & Loss


Let Me Show You Your Map

Each one of us contains landscapes, patterns, and a visible system that can be used to navigate life and reach higher potentials. 
Through Astrology I can help you explore your purpose, your relationships, working through loss or death. I also enjoy helping people going through changes in career or finding their vocation. 
Whatever you are exploring in life, I am happy to be your guide, welcome aboard. I will be your pilot as we explore your inner skies. 

About Me

I'm Forest. I live in Montana and love the open sky and wild natural world. I am fascinated with the elements as they express in Nature and in the human narrative. 

Years ago, I found my mentor Troy Holter in Montana and received one on one training to deepen my skills as a professional astrologer. I have studied with Anne Ortelee, Robert Glasscock, Armand Diaz and Judith Hill. I am an admirer of the work of Chani Nicholas, Demetra George and Chris Brennen. I work as a full time professional astrologer, working with clients and leading classes and astrology based hikes throughout the year. 

I attend Conferences and workshops regularly and am a member of OPA (Organization for Professional Astrologers), and AFAN (Association for Astrological Networking). I've volunteered at UAC in 2018, and attend NORWAC regularly since 2016.


"I just relistened to the astrology reading you did for me 2 years ago! I had some different takeaways this time around. Thank you for your insights!"



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