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The Ascendant is your face to the world! This sign is determined by the minute you were born. Your entire chart is structured based on the timing of your birth. This Ascendant sign is showing which constellation was rising on the eastern horizon when you arrived. It marks the set up of your Natal Chart and is the sign of your FIRST HOUSE, the house of SELF.

You embody your Rising sign, so even if you were taught you are an outgoing Gemini because you were born June 13 at 5:03 PM-- that is only your Sun Sign, you may have Scorpio Rising, which places your Gemini Sun in the 8th House. This would make you more private and introspective than a typical Gemini. Getting an accurate birth time is important, it reveals much more information about the structure of your psyche and your architecture of your unfolding story, as it shows the layout of your entire birth chart. The rising sign changes 12 times within a 24 hour day, so you could have any Zodiac Sign as your Rising Sign based on your birth time!!

The Ascendant is a conscious part of who you are. It is the role you play in your daily life as you move through time. It's like an outfit you have chosen to put on, you want people to see this about you. It is the lens through which you perceive. Sometimes it doesn't feel like a choice, but rather an assigned role you were given by your family. As you read or hear about your Rising sign you can feel that it is a part of who you are. Typically this is what people can easily see about you.

The planets that are near your Ascendant are also potent and felt by others. You become a representative for these planets. Mars on your Ascendant, for example, will have you showing heated strong energy in some form. In a Fire Sign Ascendant Mars can often show athleticism. The Ascendant is what we are showing in our physical form.

The Ascendant is related to our face, body, and vitality. The Ascendant, and the aspects made to this point, are also a clue as to your sense of self. The difference between the Ascendant and your Sun is that you can fine tune your Ascendant, you have some control around the archetype you embody, it doesn't come with the same pressures to perform as the Sun sign does.

Any Cancer Sun or Moon is very concerned about security and will naturally comfort those in need. In contrast, a Cancer Rising person is someone who wants to comfort those in need, and feels called to play that role for others, there is a conscious duty associated with the sign. You might think of it as an external versus internal manifestation.

Here are some of the ways you may be seen by others based on your Ascendant Sign

  • ARIES RISING - You get things started. You have a strong presence and fearlessness. You like to be first.

  • TAURUS RISING - You are pleasant to be around, and take care of your own needs without being much of a bother to others. You make yourself comfortable.

  • GEMINI RISING - You have many ideas and often have something interesting to say. You tend to try out different identities or philosophies, you are curious and changing.

  • CANCER RISING - People come to you for a good meal or a comforting ear. You are shy but bring a feeling of family to those who are close.

  • LEO RISING - People notice you. You're fun and encouraging. Your dignity is recognizable. Sometimes you want more.

  • VIRGO RISING - You are helpful and keep busy. Your awareness of your surroundings is strong. It can be hard to relax.

  • LIBRA RISING - You are inclusive making others feel welcome. You know how to be pleasing.

  • SCORPIO RISING - You are an intense and mysterious person. Calculated and aware by nature.

  • SAGITTARIUS RISING - You are a seeker, recognized for your knowledge and adventurous spirit. People know where you stand with your opinions.

  • CAPRICORN RISING - You take on responsibilities and project maturity. This comes with gravitas.

  • AQUARIUS RISING - You have the ability to both impress others with your unique ideas or you can disappear.

  • PISCES RISING - Creative, compassionate and sometimes seemingly unavailable. Your heart is trying to connect with everyone.

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