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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Eclipses are events that bring sudden and rapid changes to life as we know it. That is a 2020 theme, so maybe we are used to it by now...

June's Solar eclipse will take place at 00°21′ Cancer, here in Montana just after Midnight at 12:41 AM. Cancer and Capricorn are careful signs that move slowly and surely, so maybe the results won't be as rapid as I sometimes imagine. The fact that Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are ALL retrograde at the moment, with Cancer being a sentimental sign, known to be the memory keeper, leads me to believe we will be very reflective as the next chapter in our lives unveils.

The question to ask yourself right now is : How do you nurture yourself? What is comfort for you? How do you create this in your life, for yourself and others? It is time to get serious about taking care of yourself and this precious life we experience together.

New Moon time periods are when the fertility and possibility is prime for planting seeds of intention. Collectively we are giving birth to something new. The timing of this eclipse being the Summer Solstice is unique and a bit ominous. Symbolically, to have the longest day of the year dimmed by an eclipse is a strong message from the cosmos for humanity. It's a reminder of our fragility and mortality as Earthlings when the ever providing Sun is eclipsed. Make use of the message that comes through and allow it to stimulate your compassion for self and others.

There is a maternal theme coming through with the Luminaries in Cancer. Mars and Neptune still working closely together in the sign of Pisces are both idealism but possibly poison if taken in large amounts, with Mars being square the Nodes it looks like it brings some of it's passion. Because Jupiter and Pluto are in the opposite sign of Capricorn, the more structured and materially concerned sign, we will feel this contrast around the eclipse between our external responsibilities work, shelter, legal obligations (Capricorn) and our personal and familial obligations (Cancer).

The Eclipse of June 21 is poised to be monumental chapter in the never ending story of our structurally changing life. Uranus in Taurus is no silent player in all these changes. While Saturn and Pluto are transforming our society, forcing us to tear down and release everything we have built, especially in relationship to the Natal Chart of the USA itself, Uranus is simultaneously trying to create a new physical reality, or relationship to the material world. The one certainty of these times is that nothing will be the same again. Not within our lifetime.

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