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When you are born under the Pisces or Capricorn Sun you may carry a vibration similar to the elderly. The more planets you have in these signs, growing up you may have often heard, “You are an Old Soul.”

As a child it’s not easy to know what to do with this energy, but one does "grow into it." Let me define the difference between the struggle of each sign:

The sign of Capricorn is ruled by the stern and serious time keeper Saturn. Saturn understands boundaries and consequence. This is usually something that children have to learn, but Capricorn heavy* children innately understand. These are the children that are born adults, the ones who take responsibility so seriously they may cry when they feel they won’t succeed or be recognized for their efforts. They won’t complain, and you won’t know why they are crying, but it is usually because they are disappointed in their own abilities, struggling with limitation.

Capricorn Children can be frustrated with how long it takes them to learn and grow. If they have older siblings they are likely to unfairly compare themselves. Saturn moves quietly, like the snow falls in winter. Saturn children start to focus on measurable success at a young age and will have trouble taking it easy, they can feel embarrassed when perceived as immature.

Pisces is water sign ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, the energetic boundaries of Pisces is very thin. Pisces absorbs everything and as the last sign of the Zodiac, it marks the end of a cycle. The Zodiac wheel shows a life story, and Pisces is the process of dying, of releasing control and leaving the earthly plane. When you are BORN with this energy of "leaving the world," you can be sure that growing up and especially puberty -- doesn’t make the sense. All the growing processes are familiar and seem like they should have already happened. Pisces is often pondering deep existential questions while peers are wonder what to wear to school.

When you take these elder souls and put them through life again, for Pisces it doesn’t feel as serious or real. A pisces child is easy, with big eyes receiving stimulus and connecting with all those around them, but this innocence never leaves. Pisces heavy charts don't grow up, because they are already ancient. Their Natal Chart have energy which does not sense the need to speed up, it stays in this shared space of the born and the dying, connected to the “other world.” To have one’s consciousness split can tap into imagination and creativity, or it can lead to being confused, like someone suffering dement.

Capricorn in contrast is"going through life again," which feels very serious, there is a strong pressure to do it correctly, to do better. This comes with sacrificing energy, fully aware of duties and expectations and that others are "counting" on them, but the stress is often being generated internally.

Pisces and Capricorn in their 20s are trying to blend in, but Pisces can come across as unformed and uninterested, while Capricorn is focusing already on how to build and empire and get as much security in place as possible. Capricorn will overwork until it learns balance, and Pisces will wait for death far too early in life, sometimes forgetting to live.

To be born at the END of the ZODIAC comes with quieter and more distant energy. I was going to include the last 4 elements as a set in this article : Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Sagittarius, however Sagittarius and Aquarius do not have the same energetic drain as Capricorn and Pisces.

Capricorn and Pisces stand out with an unusual approach to "youth," you can often see that they are not as careless, playful and "lit up" about things. They are not as whole heartedly invested in the experience of feeling as children. This comes with a gift, they are the ones that peers will go to for guidance or support when parents are less available. Sometimes to have a Capricorn or Pisces Sun can show a parent whose energy was elder, or vague to the child, or the parents simply passed on their own Capricorn or Pisces energy.

The aged archetypal expressions of Capricorn and Pisces gives maturity and insights. Capricorn is conservative, with skin as thick as a wall, and Pisces is opposite, often extremely liberal with compassion and acceptance for all life. That isn't "Conservative vs Liberal" in the political sense -- it is how they flow energy. Saturn ruled Capricorn, is conserving to survive, while Jupiter/Neptune ruled Pisces is liberal as it does not relate to scarcity, it's "tapped into" the ocean.

As the 2 signs grow older they become stronger and more balanced. You could say that they age in reverse in comparison to their peers. They are already prepared, never fully buying into the hype around life and death being that far apart in the timespan.

If this is you, know that you carry a pressure that is different from others, and part of it comes from being wise, from being an "old soul." It's true that you see a larger time span tan others. If you can be comfortable with this energy, Capricorn can be productive without the added weight, and Pisces can be compassionate without the lack of boundaries. It takes awareness to master.

If you find yourself wondering why you feel like an old soul, book a session and we can explore deeper together, and come up with some practical approaches to find balance in life.

*(NOTE: When I say "Capricorn heavy" or "Pisces heavy"I am referring to more than one planet in the sign. So if you a Cap or Pisces that does not relate, it is because your energy is more spread out in your natal chart)

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