Polar Opposites in Astrology

The 12 Zodiac Signs circle around our Earth as constellations in the Ecliptic. Each sign has a “Polar Opposite” -- just as the Seasons of Summer and Winter are opposite as far as temperature and time of year, so are the fire sign of Leo and the air sign of Aquarius.

You may have read about “Oppositions” in your own Natal chart which create a unique experience in your existence. Or you may meet people and have “Oppositions” through your synastry, these will each come with a different effect. I will dive into both variations after describing each Polarity through the signs.

The Opposites :

Aries (FIRE) and Libra (AIR) : Exploring the theme of IDENTITY

Taurus (EARTH) and Scorpio (WATER) : Exploring the theme of POWER

Gemini (AIR) and Saggittarius (FIRE) : Exploring the theme of TRUTH

Cancer (WATER) and Capricorn (EARTH) : Exploring the theme of SECURITY

Leo (FIRE) and Aquarius (AIR) : Exploring the theme of LOVE

Virgo (EARTH) and Pisces (WATER) : Exploring the theme of SERVICE

When you have an opposition within your own chart, and your own being, it can create a point of indecision. Because when you reach one of the themes you are able to see or move in either direction, but the question will surface for you : Which one is correct? Which one is better? Which one is right for me? And the answer is both, which can leave you feeling stranded.

The key is to find balance between the two, to understand you don’t have to judge or decide, you rather have to incorporate, and delight in the scope of what you can imagine and comprehend. When you live with an opposition the key is to balance it. To allow yourself to swing one way and then the other, and find the “just right” setting. In youth this can lead to some experiments, or even disowning one part of yourself. If you disown part of who you are -- you are guaranteed to attract it through others in your relationships.

This as a concept exists in all Natal Charts through the the 1st House of Self and the 7th House of Other. The idea illustrated by the circle shows that if we identify one way, then we see what is not “us” as another person -- even though the circle of the Natal Chart also is entirely us. So the 7th House or the “Other” is the part of ourselves we don’t own.

It is always interesting to see when planets are in the 7th house, because this is an expression of your own energy that you don’t have easy access to initially, especially through your early relationships, you seek to understand this part of yourself through other people.

In Synastry oppositions can be complimentary. You may find that an Aries Rising will attract someone with strong Libra energy, because the 2 opposites learn from one another. Libra is tolerant and curious about the independence and decisiveness of Aries, while Aries is reminded and can be guided through the diplomacy of Libra. While the 2 are different, a balance and shared purpose is shared between them. This goes for every opposition.

I am a fan of oppositions as it leads to deeper understanding of themes. The North and South Node are always in Opposition and in those placements we see a storyline that spans our lifetime, where souls are moving down a Path from one side of a polarity to another. Knowing the theme of the oppositions in your own planetary aspects or within your family or love relationships shows you where you are growing and teaching others as an individual.

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