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Arrival and Departure Astrology for Eddie Aikau : Surfer, Legend, Hero

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

In this image I could see this man as having a Leo Ascendant, but his birth time is unknown.

Born May 4 1946 in Kahului HI, (Birth Time Unknown), Eddie Ryon Makuahanai Aikau lived and died as a Hero. He chased the biggest waves from the Islands he grew up on, bringing both his personal feats and the skills of his native Hawaiian people to a position of recognition and acclaim worldwide.

Already at a young age his brothers described Eddie as the one who had to win, with his speed and determination he was always ahead of others. With his Mercury in Aries, combined with his Mars conjunct Pluto in Leo he had to shine. This same combination drove him to become the first Lifeguard hired by the City and County of Honolulu to work the North Shore at the age of 22. He was credited for risking his life to save over 500 people in distress over 9 years, not one life was lost as he served as Lifeguard of Waimea Bay.

I wonder if this water loving moon combined with Saturn also partly drove him to master the biggest waves? There is an interesting synchronicity in his name, that connects to his Cancerian planets : Makuahanai = Makua Hanai, literally means “feeding parent” in Hawaiian. His care for both life, his lineage, and his people was genuine and proud. ​​In 1978, Eddie was selected to join the Polynesian Voyaging Society’s 30-day, 2,500-mile journey from Oahu to Tahiti on the Hokule'a, a traditional sailing canoe that used the stars to navigate routes of the early Polynesian people. A challenging and symbolic ride that took a tragic turn.

On March 17, a day after departure the vessel was capsized and damaged in a storm. The crew held onto the hull in cold waters, while Eddie remembered there was a surfboard he could use to swim back to Lana’i about 20 miles away. He convinced his captain that he could get help. He left the group and was never seen again. The same day a plane saw the overturned ship and the rest of the crew was rescued. At the age of 31, he was the only one from the trip who did not survive.

I have both his birth chart and the transits at his death. I used his Sun on the Ascendant, though looking at his photo I could easily see him as Leo rising with his Mars and Pluto on the Ascendant. The most Notable to me in the chart is transiting Neptune on his South Node in Sagittarius, with Transiting North Node on his Natal Neptune in Libra. To me it looks like the God Poseidon calling home one of his children. Mars conjunct Saturn can be very irritating for a Marsy Person like Eddie, he felt trapped like he had to do something and the Natal Mercury Square to the conjunction likely created a restlessness and a challenge that had to be faced. With Jupiter not far from his Natal North Node he was feeling the possibility.

With transiting Uranus across from his Sun, and transiting Pluto trine his natal Uranus there is another double Uranian Signature around unexpected losses. He departed exactly as you would imagine based on his life story. With success and the desire to help others on his mind he left and became a part of the Ocean. His Legacy lives on in a Memorial Surfing Invitational : "The Eddie," which continues on to this day. This is how Heroes become immortal.

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